We make supply networks available to demand networks

Demand & B2B2C

Use our API for free to access millions of vehicles, you will have access to live coordinates, availability and individual vehicle rates.

We work with passenger, parcel transport vehicles and acredited fleets.

Open Transport handles billing at your request for fees as low as 1% per transaction.


You can be connected to every software worldwide with a beatiful and efficient API and receive work from every network directly into your dispatch system.

We are not a dispatch system or handle dispatching. We let our demand users know the availability of vehicles and allow them to book those vehicles.

Why did we create Open Transport

Taxi, car rental, parcel delivery, car sharing and self-driving are merging into one industry. We want to connect them all.

Open Transport allows fleets to join forces and share reservations and drivers, thereby helping them recruit new drivers, grow their operational area and get paid.

Open Transport vehicle availability will be free and decentralised using a public transport blockchain.


We are building Open Transport to be an open database of vehicle locations using the Blockchain technology.

On phase 3 of Open Transport we will be raising 2 million euros with an ICO (Initial Coin Offering); we will be publishing our whitepaper with all information about it soon. Phase 3 will only happen once we have our technology in production and thousands of vehicles live.

How can I join this revolutionary project?

Write to us at hello@opentransport.org